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Working in the in the telecommunications field for over sixteen years has provided me with valuable industry knowledge and experience.  Using that expertise, I created Carbyne Technologies, Inc.  Our core customers are those businesses who need a practical solution to their aging office telephone system, low voltage cabling and office wired/wireless networking.
Although Carbyne Technologies offers other services, we are focused on providing businesses a telephone solution that will not only strengthen its customer service, but also offers useful and unified communications features.  Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority and achieved through our committment to providing reliable, dependable service. 
If your business could be in the need of an upgrade to a more robust, yet cost effective telephone solution, I would be happy to provide a personal, complimentary consultation to discuss your communication and networking needs.  With the flexibility to accommodate your busy schedule, please feel free to contact me any time at your convenience.
~ Lenny Loyd, Owner

In appreciation for their service, Carbyne Technologies respectfully offers additional discounts to U.S. Service Members.  Please do not hesitate to inquire about what we can do for you.